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Here you will find a combination of essential products to help gain optimal health. Whether it is a cookbook or the raw, wild and organic supplements, and/or the Eco-friendly soaps that you enjoy, we are happy to see you and hope the products will BLESS your life! 


You will also find beautiful music, artwork, essential digital products (homeschool materials), unique clothing, and more!  

When you support this store, you are supporting the elderly, at-risk youth, women, and families in missions. A percentage of each purchase also goes to programs like OF Helping Hands. Check it out HERE.

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The mind, body, and spirit are intricately connected, for we are uniquely created by an Intelligent Designer who knows deeply who we are. 

God knew your spirit even as He formed your body in your mother's womb, and you were fashioned by Him--- not this world, nor its circumstances.

-Rose Ward





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