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What kind of Salt are you? Okay so maybe we are not the re-fined salt that has no nutrition left in it to season anything. Are we? And if we are the nutrient deficient kind, how can we tell?


We can check our life.

What we see around us may reveal more that we realize. If we have begun to loose flavor and let the world or its stress drown us out so that we do not “respond” in a way that can build up instead of tear down---we need to check our life. We need to ask ourselves what in-elasticity has developed in our lives, our mind and our spirit.

I want to be someone who is unrestricted in my ability to follow God’s leading in my life.  I want the flexibility to respond how I should when direction is given in my life, in my heart. Even one of the rules I give the children in our classroom at home is to (listen to directions quickly) without hesitation or laziness. Why then, would I not apply this in the context of my own life when I have the ultimate teacher, the Holy Spirit? What are my attachments? Addictions? What are the things that get in the way of seasoning my surroundings? 

How long has it been since I closed the door, got alone with the King? How long has it been since I worshiped, prayed and read His word… just ME and HIM? See, because it matters. The personal relationship matters. It is the most important one we will ever build. We need to check our life and we need to season well

What is this time and busyness that seems to get in the way? Why are we so concerned about time when God is the one who created it?

I have been thinking about this lately, about time and managing it. About how it is so incredibly easy to get distracted. How, I can end up taking away flavor from my own children’s lives because of the salt that has lost saltiness. You see, not so long ago, I was stealing time from my children. I stopped a large portion of what they needed before bedtime. I stopped reading stories and started making excuses. When all I really needed to do, was seek Christ more and obey Him—to let Him fill me with the flavor of the King. I asked God how I could possibly fit this all in and do you know what He told me? I AM YOUR BALANCE. I AM YOUR BALANCE.

So I once again determined to make sure that the bedtime routine took place. A routine that adds seasoning for the rest of my children’s lives. That bit of time that will make all the difference in the world to help them see the true Father and how much He loves them. How much I love them…

And you know what God did? He worked within the bedtime routine, within the time I thought I needed to steal for myself. See, as I was about to read a story, I felt led by the Holy Spirit to make up a story of my own. I did not know what I was going to say, but what was amazing is that out of the bedtime routine, came a beautiful children’s story that I may never have written.

See God can use any time we have to produce the fruits that we are supposed to be producing within the gifts He has given us. So when I go to tuck my children in, yet my mind is thinking about writing and work and the things I know I am called to, what I need to be thinking about is how my time is His.

He is my balance. He will give the time I need, when I surrender my time to Him. I don’t want to be regular table salt that is stripped of anything good. Instead, I want to be a type of sea salt, maybe even the pink Himalayan that is so strong that it only takes a tiny bit to season food. I want to be a strongly salted individual that can turn into what would be called a culture?

Salt = Culture--- You know, that kind that makes vegetables last longer, taste better and gives nutrients. This amazing substance, that we may have fear of, has many benefits. I mean it can harden the pectin in vegetables and increase the flavor? INCREASE. THE. FLAVOR.

Do we add flavor to our surroundings? Do we SEASON well?

Did you know that salt suppresses the bad stuff, you know, like mold and bad bacteria. It slows the fermentation process for cultured vegetables that will need to be stored for longer periods. The culture created from salt creates a “longer shelf life.” 

What are we doing to create sustainable lasting relationships with each other? With our children? Do we culture well? What values are we teaching our kids? What tone are we using? Can we flavor our surroundings with grace, mercy, love? With the love of the Father. See when all these things were happening, and I had stopped what I needed to be doing, the children changed. They became restless, fussy, disobedient every night, and I became frustrated, impatient and demanding. They needed seasoning. They needed us as parents to help them and stop blaming them. So now, my husband and I take turns each night for just one hour before bed. They are more important than the breath of reprieve when getting “things done” or sitting down to relax, to watch a movie or try and unwind before the next day.

What if we prayed about our schedule? What if we asked the Holy Spirit to reveal what times we should do what? See, It is not about watching movies or having the perfect routine. What it is about, is listening to what God wants us to do with the time given to us. I don’t want my children to lose their saltiness because I chose to be a slave to the false boundaries that I created in the flesh.

Instead, as they lay their head on the pillow and hear Mommy and Daddy’s voices praying over them each night they can be seasoned and also season those around them, better. Even extra time to write and pray is given within this simple seasoning that the Lord has called us to do.

So I ask, I challenge----What type of salt do you want to be?  And the salt you are, does it become something that turns into culture? Let’s culture our lives and flavor our surroundings beautifully? Let’s season well and become cultures that will impact our societies, our children’s culture.

If we are to be the “salt of the earth” which is mentioned numerous times in the Bible (Luke 14:34 / Matt 5:13 / Mark 9:50 and so on)… We cannot loose our seasoning so rapidly and become completely depleted of nutrients for those around us. We have to have attitudes and actions that can bathe, decontaminate and season our surroundings with the grace, peace and love that God has shown to us. Let’s become the very culture that fuels a better culture and equip our children to stand strong as times change, as the world turns away from values that are held in the heart of Christ?

The salt that we are, changes the future. It affects generations. It fuels a love that some would have never known otherwise. Let’s be the most flavored salt, the best culture. Let God work through us, shine through us---instead of us trying to fit HIM into OUR schedule. Let His schedule come first.  


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