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What are these set circumstances that bring an open door? Are they far away or near? Do we see them when they appear before us from the Father’s hand? Do we understand the blessings in obedience, the possible situations when we do not quench the Holy Spirit?

The circumstances that can create a possible something or nurture a possible someone---

What if the something is nothing? Do we fear that the open door may close on us or become something we might not expect?

Opportunities. Open doors. They are weaved into our lives daily, but do we open our hearts and minds to let the Holy Spirit work or do we hold on tight to the seeds and set them on a shelf?

Why not spread them generously? Like Jesus did--- His good fruit could be seen daily as He walked upon the earth.

Let us look up, let us see a stranger’s face *a friend's face--- and ask the Holy Spirit if there is a need. Sometimes a smile or a chat is all that is required. Let us plant the seeds given and salt the earth generously. Let us become who we are supposed to be, who our Heavenly Father wants us to be.

If we do not take the open door, the opportunity, it may forever close the door to someone’s heart, someone’s journey. Let us take the time to get on bended knee and build the relationship that matters the most, so we can do the most with what He has given us. So that we can understand, have clarity, move mountains, bless those around us.

Close the door and turn that worship music on, bless the Lord with your voice. Sing a new song. Talk to Him. He delights in us and wants us to make our requests known. Take the invitation and dive into His presence; read His word and let it nourish you.

Become beautifully alive.  

Let us plant seeds into the hearts and minds of others. Let us build up, encourage and strengthen one another. See, there is opportunity daily, but do we see it? Can we hear it?

What about that neighbor? What about your child?

Let us also rejoice in trials, have joy in the suffering and be thankful for the opportunities within the desolate places. He will meet you there if you let Him.

How can we rejoice in suffering? How can we help someone else while being sick or tired? How can we be there for someone, when we have lost someone?  

People ask me, with all the things that have happened in my life, how do I not blame God? The answer is simple and the opportunity is amazing. See, we live in a world with a choice. A God given choice.

He is not a dictator.

He loves us so deeply that He gave us a choice--- and it started in the garden. He could easily make us love Him, yet instead of demanding it, He bares open hands and many scars to reach us. He wants to give us the choice to follow Him. To love Him. See, the things that happened to me, they were not His fault. He is not to blame. I was on the end of other people’s bad choices. When sin came into this world, so did death, disease, sickness, pain--- and this broke His heart, yet He still sent His son to die.

When people choose to be separated from God, they are more vulnerable to attack. This is where Satan’s footprints can be seen. Evil can easily reign inside of people’s lives without notice at first, things come along that seem nice or healing, yet it is counterfeit. If it is something that is not from the Holy Spirit, the word of God, then be wary, for there is deception at play. The things that lay there are not true opportunities.

There is a bigger picture, and there is good versus evil. It is a spiritual battle, but do not lose hope. He has already won the war. If you are a child of God, you are positively on the winning side.  

So draw near to Him, and yes, hold forgiveness, like Him---

Let Him work in your life, let Him give you an open heart and eyes that see. Ask Him daily for opportunity, for open doors and He will bring this to you--- but be careful not to miss it.

Sometimes, it is easy to miss. We do not see it even though it is right in front of us! Another reason it is so important to build a friendship, a true relationship with Him.

He is a relational God, a living God and He always provides open doors. 

Draw near to Him and He will draw near to you. He will bring clarity, grace, mercy and all the fruits of the spirit that we so desire. Let Him nourish and inspire you. Let His truth set you free. Let Him guide you as you begin to see the opportunities therein.


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