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Here at the OF Art Gallery we want to provide unique opportunities for both the Artist and Buyer. 

Art Buyers have the opportunity to learn about the artist, commission personal works of art, and help those in great need. A percentage of every work of art sold through the OF Art Gallery goes to Living Seeds Outreach and the OF Helping Hands program. 

OF Artists have a unique platform to express creative ideas, generate income, create opportunities for connecting to Art Buyers and provide financial freedom for others through the OF Helping Hands program. If you are interested in becoming an OF Artist please send us an email with subject line: OF ARTIST APPLICATION and we will send you the application form!

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OF Art Membership. It is of great value to any artist! To learn more about attaining an artist membership please click HERE.

If you are an Interior Designer or other professional who plans to re-sell art please contact us to be approved for the OF Art - Buyer Membership.

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