I was born in Vancouver and raised in Toronto where I attended the Commercial Art Course at Danforth Technical Secondary School, 43 years ago. Later, when I moved back to Vancouver I took in all the classes from Calligraphy and Techniques in Watercolor to Oil Portraiture and Life Drawing at the "Federation Of Canadian Artists", back when they used to be on Water Street in Gastown. Since then I've been drawing and painting Animals, Still Life and Landscapes but my favorite subject is Portraiture which I render in Charcoal, Pastel, Acrylic and Oil Paint. Lately I've been kept busy drawing "Honor Portraits" for those who have retired, a colage of images which best portray their contribution to their Job or Community as well as some personal hobby they are known for.




Do you want a personal and unique artwork from this artist?  Whether it is for your own home or a gift to someone else, Don can create to your specifications in order to make your dream come true! Please click below to email Don.





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