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*OF Club Membership

OF Professional is an economical membership that gives special discounts and lower prices to its members.  Everything you see in the store plus more can be found in our OF-Co-Op.
The *OF Club store carries supplements, grocery, health and art products that you would find at your local health and grocery stores. You will also find products that are unique and that are not yet offered at local stores. 
Membership costs
Economical 1 year Membership   97.00 
Month to month  7.00 
Once you sign up via the form below, you will gain access on the 1st of the month and access will end one year from that start date, unless you choose to extend your membership!

important note...


While we may not have everything up and running that we plan to bring to you, we did not want to make you wait any longer to shop quality health products.  The OF Health and OF Books section of our online store is officially open to all of Canada!
We appreciate your patience as we continue to work behind the scenes to bring you new  information and quality products, a unique OF Club and Forum...and of course other interesting elements of the store that we have yet to reveal!
IF you have any questions or concerns please feel free to contact us!

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Small Batch/Hand-Made products are made FRESH which means that the delivery date may take a little bit longer at times. 

This just means that the artisan is creating a fresh batch made just for you