Teresa Miller was born and raised in Mississippi.  She has enjoyed various forms of art through the years, from drawing, painting, and crafting. When her four children were small, she took her husband's old 35mm film camera and started exploring the world of photography, often using them to practice on.  She never had any formal training, but did a lot of reading, observing, and trial and error.  Now that her children are older, she's turned more to nature and animals for inspiration. Whether it be the butterflies and hummingbirds attracted to her zinnia's, or the little silkie chicks she's currently raising, she finds spending time in nature with a camera a good way to relax and find balance in life. 

She's been married to her husband, Steve Miller, a civil engineer, for 26 years. She currently works as a CNA/private caregiver.  They live on a small farm in the country which has been home to a variety of animals, providing a lot of fun entertainment and photo opportunities



Teresa Miller


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