5 Ways to Promote Quality Sleep

Sleep, and the quality of it, is one of the most sought-after treasures of today. It has become harder and harder to get quality sleep whether it is due to stress, insomnia, illness, time management, social media--- the list goes on. If we can improve our sleep, we can feel better and live a healthier life! As a person who has a rare form of apnea, four young children, chronic pain on a daily basis, home-schools my kiddos, and is a Writer + ---- Well, sleep is super important to me!

I began to search for simple ways to get a better night’s sleep, and so far, the following tips have proven to make a difference! I hope some, or all of these suggestions, will bring some basic improvements to your sleep quality as well. Try it for a couple of weeks and see what happens!

1. Cut down on the bombardment of daily EMF radiation

Even if you are not as sensitive as I am (I get a headache when using a cell phone) it is a good idea to turn off the wi-fi at night. It is also a good practice to put your cell phone and/or any devices further away from you, or in a different room completely, when asleep.

2. Create a consistent bedtime routine for you AND the kids

I know, this is a hard one, yet it is super important. We have found that mornings are generally better when our nighttime routine is consistent. When bedtime routines are implemented, it normally leads to going to bed. and waking up at the same time, which creates a healthy rhythm for the body and the family unit as a whole.

3. No screen time one to two hours before bed

I know....that last email really needed to be answered, and it can be, in a time when you have more energy from getting the rest you truly need! It has also been proven that stopping screen time can help improve melatonin levels (which are really important for a good night’s sleep).

4. Go to sleep with a heart of praise

I read in scripture recently that the Lord teaches and instructs our spirit while we sleep. What better way to prepare our spirit to take instruction than filling our hearts and minds with praise before or as we fall asleep.

5. Replace snacks with a cup of herbal tea

Our bodies have to work really hard at night repairing and rebuilding. If we eat right before bed the body focuses on digesting, instead of repairing. Stop eating a couple hours before bed, and instead, enjoy a soothing (non-caffeinated) cup of your favorite herbal tea! This way your body can properly repair and get ready for the coming day.

Doing these five steps does require sacrifice from the things we may have become comfortable with, and it may not feel great at first, but it definitely makes a big difference the more these types of things are implemented.

*Remember: Changes like this have adjustment periods, but having better sleep habits are well worth going through any of the trials of the changes themselves.




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