Cinnamol is an extremely concentrated oil blend because the cinnamon is extracted through a process known as supercritical (cold) extraction. This essential oil is easy to use sublingually, which ensures optimal absorption. Cinnamol freshens breath and is ideal for use after meals. Kids love it.



This oil has a beautiful smell. I liken it to a combo of Christmas and Red Hots (the candy) which it also tastes like! It freshens breath, flavors food and drink, is great in chocolate candy (see Rose's raw vegan snacks) and is great to have on the go to freshen breath or flavor your hot chocolate or tea. On a side note, it has been used to freshen the smell of places where awful smells arise... AND WORKS! So if it is a multiple use oil you are looking for, this is it! Oh! I almost forgot! It has major health benefits! Who doesn't love Cinnamon? 

CINNAMOL - 1 Fl. Oz.

SKU: 057-NAHS17


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