Learn how to reduce the Internal Inflammatory Load – what foods to eat and what to avoid to promote:

increased energy

weight loss

disease prevention


improved sleep


Five Fundamental Essentials to Achieve Optimal Health

Optimal Raw, Living Foods

Optimal pH Levels

Optimal Exercise

Optimal Water

Optimal Fat


Over-Coming Difficult Hurdles


The Optimal Kitchen

Organization – Purpose & Place

Kitchen Utensils for Efficient Health

Meal Planning – including a reproducible 35 day dinner plan


An Extensive Recipe Section – over 125 Optimally Healthy Recipes!


Controversial Kitchen Tools


The Microwave


More than 30 Optimally Healthy Ingredients to Utilize


How to Bake Gluten-Free



We have only had Christine’s book for a short time and we already love it! It’s so personal. It really encouraged us hearing you share your own up and down experiences through your journey. We also enjoy the various tips: health saving, money saving, and time saving tips…all very useful information. The notable quotables are so profound and true. They make you think...think about your lifestyle and what you can do to make it better. Presenting this book in simple everyday language makes it easy for anyone to read and learn about foods – and why they are or aren't good for you. The recipes are simple and so far what we’ve made are delicious and easy – even a beginner could make them!


Lastly, what is outstanding are all the food photos. They are so colourful they make you wish you could just grab the food right out of the page and eat it! I (Janet) have always enjoyed cookbooks. I read them like they’re novels. Yours by far is the most colourful, knowledgeable cookbook I have ever read. This is certainly a good bang for your buck!


Janet & Kevin Cressman, New Hamburg
(nurse & owner of Cressridge Machines)


Optimal YOU by Christine Gingerich

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  • Dr Joe Mikhael, MD, MED, FRCPC, FACP Consultant Hematologist of the world renowned Mayo Clinic in Arizona says:


    “We all know that diet, exercise and healthy lifestyle choices are absolutely fundamental to our health. With all of the “fad” diets that have been suggested, Optimal YOU is a welcomed tool in navigating the complexities of food. In my practice as a hematologist/oncologist, I see the challenges cancer patients face on a daily basis in selecting the best diet for their health. Optimal YOU provides practical and valuable advice about foods, health and overall well-being. It is well written, touching and deeply insightful, with outstanding recipes for everyone.”


    Dr Jitka Vok, ND (MD Europe) of Mardian Natural Medicine says:

    “As a naturopathic doctor I will recommend this book to all my patients. It is a helpful resource of information and practical instructions to help the reader implement healthy dietary and lifestyle choices. It is written in simple laymen’s terms but is scientifically based. How nice to have an easy, practical resource to use when planning and shopping for meals.”


    Dr John Bender, ND says:

    “The longer I practice, (currently 30+ years), and the more I study the literature, the more I am convinced it’s about lifestyle. An optimally healthy lifestyle is always superior to drugs, potions and remedies. Chris has done a marvelous job of helping everyone discover more of this by sharing her own personal challenges, excellent advice and healthy doable recipes. I wholeheartedly recommend this book!”


    Dr Jim Farquharson, ND says:

    “Optimal YOU contains sound nutritional advice, provides the practical tools to achieve desired physical outcomes, and offers variety. I love how Christine has integrated the impact of a person’s emotional choices on their physical health. This is a must-read for all parents.”

  • I love your book! That’s why I got one for my sister and mom as well. I have had severe bloating and pain since I was 14. The doctors have tried many things to help me to no avail. I have never been able to figure out what foods were causing the problem. Since getting your book I have been switching over the house hold food and been cooking your recipes. I have not had a bloating attack since doing that! We are in love with the Garden of Eden dressing. I am on my second batch of it. We had no idea that healthy could taste so good.

    – Deb McBride



    I've just been sitting on the couch, thoroughly enjoying your book. I can't begin to tell you what a valuable resource this will be for people. I have tears in my eyes as I type this!


    The recipes and living well info are valuable in themselves - that's what the book purchasers have paid for but there's another value in this book and it’s priceless! This book oozes with the message that: "Your health is important and you CAN do this...YOU can do this!" It's like you have come to live in our homes and be our “live-in coach.” You pick us up when we're down and cheer us on when we're making good choices. To me, you've given that away for free with the $35 collection of recipes and info! What a treasured, far-reaching gift!


    It’s like there is a super natural essence pouring out of this book and it’s a transforming wave of power for all who will read it.

    I was excited when I heard about the release of your book, but now I'm completely overwhelmed! I am so motivated to get back at it. I want to walk and run and...cook!


    Thank you is extremely inadequate! 

    "Well" on the way,

    – Lori

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