R.T. (Rose Tina) Ward is both a fine artist and graphic designer.  She enjoys working in a variety of mediums (written works, photography, watercolor, pencil, pen and ink, acrylic...). She attained an art degree from Mississippi State University with an emphasis in photography but believes her passion to create was a gift given long before she ever attended art school-- and that you don't have to go to "school" to be an great artist. 


It is hard for her to remember a time when she did not want to draw or write. After finishing her B.F.A. Rose moved to Nashville, TN where she attended business school and attained her M.B.A.. Although she was a "creative" mind, she wanted to push herself to see what she could learn about the world of business. She found she quite enjoyed both the world of art as well as business.  

Rose met her husband Andrew (from Stratford Ontario) and the couple was married in 2008. Fast forward almost ten years later and four children, they now reside in New Dundee, Ontario. Due to many health issues, Rose feels blessed to reside in a home that rests on a beautiful organic farm where they can grow their own food and enjoy the flowers and sunshine. 


Rose has had multiple challenges dealing with chronic illness and debilitating trauma. She enjoys sharing what God has done, and is doing, in order to move her through life's struggles and pain. Her desire is to encourage and speak to women from all walks of life about the heart of God, the power of the Holy Spirit, and the blessings received when staying close to the King, whether in health, or in the heart of crisis.

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