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November 30, 2017

Rose Review: Organic Coffee Scrub - Sweet Orange




I have tried this product for a while now and for someone who has to basically have everything "unscented" this is one product I can actually handle!  If you are sensitive to smell but can handle "coffee" and the slight smell of "oranges" this is an absolutely beautiful product to try; it really works well! 


I have used this coffee body scrub on my face and body and it makes your skin smell delicious and feel really soft. Great job Kismet!


*Not to mention, it lasts a long time as a little of it goes a long way. Good times!  



At first I was a bit curious about the bag it came in and wondered, "Will this work well?" I found out that I actually do prefer using the package it came in because it is easy to open and close unlike having to unscrew the top on and off of something while in the shower. *Good thinking Kismet!


I guess that was a plus and not a con after all... so really there are only two cons that I can think of.


The first would be that you just need to make sure to wash the shower down after using it because of coffee grain color. This is easy to do and something that I usually do anyways so I find that this is not a big deal for me personally.


The second thing would be if you are sensitive to caffeine it might affect you a little bit if you put way too much on like I did the first time I used it! 


I am very sensitive to caffeine so at first I was like uh oh, can I use this product? As crazy as it sounds I wondered, do I need a decaf body scrub? I was a bit shaky after using it like when I drink a cup of coffee (I am *very, very...sensitive to caffeine) but this feeling did not last very long *less than 10 min.


All I needed to do was use less of the product and had no problem after that. It is good to use less anyway because it lasts longer and saves money! 


My Review Word for Coco Rinse: Awesomeness.    Overall Star Status: * * * * *

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